Lei Myo Oo


My name is Lei Myo and I am a qualified counsellor with experience of working with short and long term counselling.

I take an integrative approach with my work, working with Gestalt, Jungian, Psychoanalytic and Psychosynthesis theories. The heart of my work is mindfulness with a respect of where a client currently is.

I understand how life can sometimes be hard, challenging, frustrating and lonely and how it can help to have therapy to help in those times to support and journey with.

I also understand how therapy can help make an individual empowered, accepting, liberated and aware by providing a safe, respectful and sometimes challenging space.

I work with my clients in a space where we explore together how we can hold the challenges of current life at the same time as living with purpose, meaning and creativity through psychological and spiritual growth.

Please feel free to contact me via telephone or email if you would like an informal chat about where you are and if we could work together, or to arrange an initial session. I look forward to speaking with you.

E-mail: contact@leimyotherapy.co.uk     Telephone: 07970 756633

Lei Myo